4 Ways To Make Your Home Friendly For Elderly Parents

Role reversals are inevitable in our lives. At one stage, we find ourselves taking care of our parents. It is not an easy task but, a few alterations here and there can make it simpler. The house has to be made ‘senior friendly’ to ensure safety and convenience. The main sections like bathrooms, entryways, flooring, kitchen and other main areas have to be altered. It’s very much like taking care of a toddler. Here are a few ways.

The entry ways of your house

The gates and doorway steps leading up into the house has to be made friendly for your elderly. When you have decided to provide home care in Dubai for your parents, you need to understand that the use of wheelchairs and other equipment will be inevitable. Having to move freely is a must. Steps have to be replaced by ramps. It would a good idea to get ramps that have some mini humps to provide added friction. That way the wheels will not run too quickly, ensuring more safety. This has to be placed at all entrances and even to the garage.

The flooring of the whole house

The floors of the house has be hazard free. Replace the flooring with anti-slip kind or materials. If anyone is using a crutch or any kind of walker, the floor should be able to provide added safety. Remove entry way threshold and steps. Moving in a wheelchair can be difficult when these thresholds exist. Without these, the individual will be able to manage to move in and out freely.

The kitchen made accessible

Having a kitchen that can allow for someone who is in a wheelchair to manure around and use its full functionality is necessary. Sometimes it’s not going to be possible to have all meals prepared and kept warm for your elderly. If the individuals concerned is in a position to fix meals for themselves, then altering the kitchen will help. Have space for free and ample movement. Sinks should have space under them to allow for the wheelchair to be able to reach close enough to do any work there. The cooking area can be made lower and create enough storage to keep ingredients and other produce reachable. Having a home nurse who can assist them as they do the main cooking will be a good idea. That way they would feel happy and less incapable. Recommended reading this article to find out more about physiotherapy service in Dubai.

The bathrooms for safe use

This part of the home is very important. The shower areas have to be designed and altered to provide added friction and safety. Slips and other accidents usually take place in the wet areas. Replacing such areas with antiskid and anti slip material is important. Also have the right handles and grab bars that will support support the weight. Make the toilet easily accessible for someone on a wheelchair with lots of space and elevation.

These few alterations will make a huge difference and help ease the stress.

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