How To Choose The Wedding Theme In 5 Basic Steps

For most women, their wedding day is one of the most important and memorable day of their lives. So it is not a wonder that many brides are very picky about their choice of wedding decorations. Every wedding is unique and the décor that you choose to have reflects your personality and character. Hence, it is important to pick the right theme to complement your dress and other accessories accordingly so that your wedding will be day to cherish always. Here are a few steps that are underlined below:

Choosing an appropriate theme or style

This is by far the most crucial aspect of the entire decoration process of the wedding and also the first step. It is important to look at guidance points such as the wedding dress and the guest list when deciding on the theme. So for example, a large wedding would require more floral arrangements Dubai than say a small scale beach wedding.

Colour schemes

The colour scheme should match and blend together seamlessly; this means that even if the wedding flowers decoration, linens, cakes and bridesmaid dresses are not of the same colour, they should look as if they belong together. A wedding colour wheel will help you decide on complementary or accent colours.

Timing of nuptials

The timing of the day you are getting married also plays a part as the colours and theme of the wedding needs to be picked as per the time of the day too. An evening wedding would favour darker colours, candles and neutral flowers while a wedding in the morning would look best with light colours and bright flowers. The time of the day matters in creating the perfect ambience for the wedding.


An indoor nuptials will differ in décor in comparison to an outdoor one. An indoor wedding for example will need more lighting, candles and flowers, while an outdoor wedding would require more effects from paper lanterns and aisle runner decorations. The surrounding of the location will help you choose your décor appropriately.

Mapping of specific decoration areas

Mapping out and deciding on the type of decorations on your head table, guest tables, chairs and chair backs, walls and doors to name a few is a good way of understanding how to match and add colours or hide any architectural flaws or simply any areas that do not fit in with your overall wedding theme. This will help give you a basic visual idea of how the area will likely look if they are drawn and labeled on a simple book.

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