How To Maintain A Building

Over time everything deteriorates and need replacement or repair. Depending on the location of the building, the deterioration rate may differ. For example, buildings near the sea are highly susceptible to corrosion. Every building requires preservation. If a building is abandoned it would start deteriorating and may even start smelling.

The best maintenance method is preventive maintenance. This is when maintenance is done to prevent deterioration. This method will eliminate the need for repairs later. Most people tend to think this method is expensive but it’s not. There is a saying that prevention is better than cure and similarly it is better to prevent problems than to have to fix it afterwards. For example it is better to replace part of a beam that shows sign of decay than replacing the whole beam afterwards. It is advised to hire a building maintenance company in Dubai as they are knowledgeable in maintenance, repair and aware of locations that are susceptible to deterioration.

In General, the main factors that affect the building include the weather, Plants, fungi, animals and humans. The main factor which affects the building is weather because heat or dampness affects woods. When there is extreme heat or dampness, wood tend to get warped. Further plants and fungi growing can damage walls, smell bad, change the colour of the walls, weaken the structure and block pipes and gutters. Animals such as spiders, ants, rats and cockroaches can cause electrical systems to malfunction, create holes in the building and emit bad smells. Most if not some of these cannot be seen immediately and the repercussions arrive afterwards. Therefore it is crucial to have preventive measures.

Preventive measures would be to check the gutters and rainwater fittings after a heavy rain. Further you could check for leaks or certain areas of the walls where the pain is cracking or bloating. If there is an issue with the gutters or rainwater fittings it could be replaced or cleaned thoroughly and leaks, cracks and bloating of the walls need to be checked first for the source of leaking and thereafter waterproofing or water repellant solutions should be applied. Roof leaks should be checked and either replace the roofing sheet or find a solution for the water to flow through a rain water fitting.

Plants, fungus and animals have a habit of blocking pipes, openings and gutters. This can be avoided by having a system to easily clean the unreachable areas. Electrical systems should be checked time to time as well. If there has already been damage, there are plants and fungus killers which can be bought. The plant or fungus needs to be removed completely and pour the acid around where roots could grow. This can be done to vines that grow across the walls.

When it comes to the human element it is common sense and simple sweeping and dusting will keep the house clean. If you are unable to take care the building there are many facility management companies that can take care of not only the maintenance but also the overall management of the building and create a suitable environment.

Overall, maintaining the building will contribute in its longevity and attractiveness. Hence, considering the above preventive maintenance measures will ensure a building looking as brand new.

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