The Top Attractions In Dubai

Dubai; the most populated city in the UAE needs little to no introduction. Famed for their soaring skyscrapers, large projects and constructions like the tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa, they have been constantly ranked as one of the best cities to live in. With such an aura around the city, it is no wonder that there is a steady and growing influx of visitors visiting Dubai year by year. In a city that consists of the world’s largest indoor aquarium and iconic artificial archipelagos among many other attractions, it is easy for tourists visiting the city for the first time to get confused and be misled, resulting in a loss of money and precious time.One of the most underrated attractions in Dubai are the cruises down the Dubai creek. This is one experience that should not be missed. There are plenty of Dubai dhow cruise deals that allow you to experience the ride for cheaper than usual. Enjoy the bright lights of the creek and sip on your favorite drink and feast on the tastiest meals as you cruise down the Dubai creek.

There is also plenty of music and bellydancing to keep you company along the ride. The ride also allows you to view the city of Dubai in different and interesting ways like the house of Sheikh Saeed and his place of birth and a host of other places that you would miss out on a typical day. If you are a foodie, Dubai has thousands of shops and restaurants from roadside kebab stores to luxury diners that cater to the super wealthy. With many restaurant offers and cheap diners, it is extremely easy for a person to have a delicious meal without incurring a major cost.

Perhaps the most iconic attraction in the Middle East; the Burj Khalifa is a must see attraction for every traveler who visits Dubai. Soaring to an astounding height of 828m, it includes an observatory for viewing purposes and has restaurants that offer meals. There is a high demand for this so it is recommended that you book and purchase your tickets a few weeks before you plan to go. Situated right at the foot of the tower, is the Dubai mall. Famed as the world’s largest shopping mall, the many shops and stores under the roof offer every item on your shopping list. Located at the center is an aquarium showcasing some of the rarest sea creatures present on Earth? With amazing water parks and the Dubai zoo situated a few minutes away, Dubai has plenty to offer!

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