Tips On Giving Your Holiday Home A Makeover After Having It Closed For A Long Period Of Time

A holiday home. For most people these words are a dream to be achieved, while for some, it is a regret they have. Abandoning your holiday home is often not done by choice. Work commitments, hectic educational schedules of children and just life itself tends to get in the way of our well-meaning plans of holidaying. As a result, the holiday home that we once loved, is now turning threadbare due to not being used.

But if you’ve been thinking of using your holiday home again, it’s possible that you might have to update it, or if has been closed for quite a while, then even give it a makeover. Here are few things you need to concentrate on.

• Updating the interior. This in particular is important if you’ve kept your house unused for years on end. If you cannot personally oversee it, you might want to consider opting for a local holiday home or villa interior design in Dubai professional to help you out.

• Renew the upholstery and mattresses. If a quick visit to your holiday home proved that a residential interior design upgrade or make over is not necessary, then count yourself lucky for saving up on your money. If your home has not been used in years, then check on the furniture upholsteries and mattresses. Chances are that they might need to be aired out, vacuumed or even thrown out.

• Check on your sheets and curtains as well. They too will need to be aired out and vacuumed; especially the curtains and bed spreads. Other things like sheets, napkins and table clothes might merely need only a wash.

• Get your AC unit, refrigerators, and heating systems repaired. Generally, your AC unit and heater need to be serviced every 6 months; something you’ve neglected to do for a while. And while you’re at it, it’s a good idea to get your refrigerator checked too to avoid potential problems.

• Get your pool and garden maintained. We’re hoping you would have someone maintaining your pool and garden regularly. If not, your garden is sure to be overgrown. Tackle this issue well before you decide to go over. Remember, though the pool might seem clean, the bottom might be very slick. Be cautious, even when cleaning it out. Find out more about luxury interior design companies when you visit this site

• Consider changing the bathroom fittings. This is something extra, and only needs to be done if you truly want to upgrade your holiday home. Though it might have not been used in a while, most bathroom fittings survive quite well. But you can still change it if the water pressure isn’t satisfying, or if you are now used to more modern fittings and appliances.

And now, all that’s left for you to do is to stock up and go holidaying…!

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