What Are The Specialties Of Dubai Tourism?

We all know that Dubai is one of the famous country in Middle East which has considerable amount of Muslim population. Also Dubai has so many natural resources and attraction which gives publicity to that country. Another most important characteristic of this country is that, it is well known country for tourism. Here it is important to consider that, annually a big amount of tourists used to visit this country. That’s why the Dubai tourism board have done so many arrangements in order to encourage and impress the tourists. We all know that Middle East countries are very warm and hot where the demand for water is very high because of their weather. Though the Dubai have a horrible weather but still it doesn’t affect the range of their tourists. This shows us, that country’s capacity and capability.

Most of the times, when tourists visit to another country they prefer to stay in hotels or lodges, but we all know that the decent hotels and lodges costs a lot than our flight ticket costs. That’s the reason why our current trend tourists used to stay in rental accommodations for short term which costs really less than hotels and lodges. Especially when it comes to Dubai, there are so many apartments for rent in the greens Dubai which really cheap and decent. Also there are so many apartments have specially built and designed for tourists where the tourists can have the same feel as five star hotels. Most of this apartments have established in near to city areas, therefore it will be really easy for the tourists to get all the facilities easily.

Especially we can see that, there are certain places in Dubai has special apartment services for tourists. And these apartments have special services and packages for tourists. Most importantly they have short term rental packages and long term rental packages in very lower costs, which helps tourists find the best accommodations. A good example for this is that, JBR apartment for rent short term, where the most of the tourists who visit to Jumeirah beach residences used to stay.

Moreover Dubai have so many specialties which cannot be find in other countries. For example, lanterns, Aladdin lamps, kava pots and coffee sets, attar, incense holder, lucky stones, traditional Arab shoes and hookahs etc. these are the reason why tourists love to travel to Dubai in their vacations. Also we have so many shopping malls and attraction in that country which never failed to impress their tourists.

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